Heinz In The Dog House For Telling Porkies About Its Kids Snacks

Heinz In The Dog House For Telling Porkies About Its Kids Snacks

It’s not a happy day for Heinz after the consumer watchdog found the FMCG brand’s ‘healthy’ snacks marketed towards children were packed full of sugar.

The snacks in question are the Little Kids Shredz products, which claim to be 99 per cent fruit and vegetables, but also have 23 grams of sugar stuffed inside each serving. The recommended daily intake of sugar, according to the World Health Organisation, is 25 grams, or six teaspoons.

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The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) says the claims made would make people think the snacks are healthy, when in fact they’re not.

“The ACCC has brought these proceedings because it alleges that Heinz is marketing these products as healthy options for young children when they are not,” said ACCC CEO Rod Sims in a statement.

“These products contain over 60 per cent sugar, which is significantly higher than that of natural fruit and vegetables – for example, an apple contains approximately 10 per cent sugar.

“We also allege that rather than encouraging children to develop a taste for nutritious food, these Heinz Shredz products are likely to inhibit the development of a child’s taste for natural fruit and vegetables and encourage a child to become accustomed to, and develop a preference for, sweet tastes.”

B&T has contacted Heinz for further comment, but had not heard back at the time of publication.

Lead image via ACCC website.

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