Heineken Makes The Ad Pepsi Should Have

Heineken Makes The Ad Pepsi Should Have

Dutch beer brand Heineken is winning plaudits for its latest ‘Worlds Apart’ campaign that managed to do what a lot of brands fail at – nail the social/political message.

Following on from Pepsi’s disastrous Kendall Jenner spot recently, Heineken have taken the bold move of getting three sets of strangers, all with very differing views of the world. A feminist is matched against a misogynist, the next are pro and anti-transgenderism, while the third have very different views over the existence of climate change.

The couples are then made to construct some flat-pack furniture which turns out to be a bar where they air their views over a beer.

Sure, it’s a little predictable and cheesy at times, but far from the hell served up by Pepsi.

However, it’s won plenty of fans judging by the comments to YouTube. “Pepsi: oh no we fucked up…there’s no way this can get worse. Heineken: hold my…wait how about we sit down and talk about it,” wrote one person. While another added: “wowwwwwwwww one of the most amazing ads i’ve ever seen in a big time.”

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