Heineken Gets Shirty At New Google Logo’s Distinct Similarities

Heineken Gets Shirty At New Google Logo’s Distinct Similarities

Yesterday Google revealed its latest hairdo to the world, The new logo and branding has caused a ruckus online with people calling out the tech giant for copying Heineken’s Logo.

As reported in B&T, the new look and feel was the brand’s attempt to make interacting with Google on its various platforms a seamless experience. However Twitter users pointed out Google’s new crooked “e” rips off Heineken’s logo.


Google’s new logo

Heineken’s logo

Google Netherland’s Twitter account admitted the similarities, tweeting out “Inspired by the most @heineken_NL”:

Heineken replied:

In other Google news, Sydney-based creative agency AnalogFolk have ‘Googlefied’ 10 famous logos in honour of Google’s rebrand:

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Logos created by Michael Kleinman (https://twitter.com/metamike) and Josef Wimberger (https://twitter.com/josefwimberger) 


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