Heart Foundation’s ‘Serial Killer’ Campaign Showing Promising Early Signs

Heart Foundation’s ‘Serial Killer’ Campaign Showing Promising Early Signs

The Heart Foundation’s new brand campaign ‘Serial Killer’ has scored significant early wins, just one week after its launch.

‘Serial Killer’ was launched last week to highlight Australians’ dangerous levels of complacency about the nation’s leading cause of death, heart disease.

The bold campaign likened heart disease to a dangerous and indiscriminate serial killer taking 51 Australian lives every day.

Heart Foundation chief marketing officer Chris Taylor has said that the campaign has had an immediate and profound effect, including:

• Public tri-partisan support (Federal Government, Federal Opposition and Greens) for more action on heart disease, including the need for Medicare-funded health checks.

• A Federal Government promise to introduce a dedicated Medicare Benefits Schedule item number for Heart Health Checks by 1 April 2019, which the Heart Foundation estimates will prevent 9,100 deaths from heart attack and stroke over the next five years.

• A $170-million commitment by the Federal Opposition for Medicare-funded Heart Health Checks if Labor wins the next election.

• Almost 2,000 media stories – print, online, radio and TV – that have helped spread the important message about heart disease to more than 20 million Australians.

• More than 140,000 unique completes of a new consumer Heart Age Calculator, which was launched in conjunction with the ‘Serial Killer’ campaign.

• Heart Foundation web site traffic has increased by 270 per cent.

Taylor said this early success demonstrates the power of a bold and brave marketing campaign: “When done right, impactful and purposeful marketing can have an immediate and far-reaching effect on the community and the lives of all Australians.

“This was a shocking campaign, but one that had a strong purpose and one that was needed.

“Despite taking a life every 28 minutes, heart disease wasn’t being tackled or talked about enough by the community or the government.

“Our media investment has been amplified by the tremendous editorial support we’ve received from our partners at News Corp, which was then picked up by other media nationwide.

“This is a great case study in working together with the media to cut through to consumers and government to make a positive impact on the Australian community.”

The Group CEO of the Heart Foundation, adjunct professor John Kelly said: “The Heart Foundation’s marketing team has been working diligently on this project for many months.

“This is a terrific reward for their creativity and hard work, but it is also just the beginning. The Heart Foundation will continue working tirelessly on behalf of the Australian community to protect hearts and save lives”.

‘Serial Killer’ is a four-week integrated print, digital and broadcast media and marketing campaign.

It will continue to be complemented by editorial advocacy and social media sharing the hashtag #showsometicker.

News Corp Australia chief operating officer, publishing, Damian Eales said: “The impact of this campaign has been extraordinary and shows how effective messaging can be across the right channels and platforms.

“By working with News Corp, the Heart Foundation has won a remarkable victory for the health of this country.

“We are proud of what we have achieved together”.

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