Heard Agency Launches Female Specialisation ‘Her’

Heard Agency Launches Female Specialisation ‘Her’

Following market demand and the ambitions of its own internal team, Heard Agency has launched Her.

A wholly owned specialisation of Heard Agency consisting of internal female specialists charged with delivering marketing solutions for brands focused at female target markets or designed for females by nature.

Her was envisioned by Darragh Heard, co-owner of Heard Agency. Following almost a decade of delivering successful campaigns for brands targeting females, Her understands how to engage with women in a meaningful way.

Heard uses an analogy to best describe the essence of Her and its specialist approach to marketing to females: “The exposed ten percent of the iceberg could be seen as general commonalities, such as demographics or popular beliefs, but it’s the complexity of the 90 per cent beneath the surface that’s most important.

“We use hard data to unearth those deep insights. Whether it be a matter of differences in life stage, or socio-economic standing, or perhaps more phycological complexities such as the motivations of a stay-at-home mother in comparison to one who is working fulltime as a high-powered executive. You cannot talk to these segments in the same way.”

By virtue of their founding client base that includes brands such as Avene, Klorane, Masseur and Table of Plenty, Heard Agency has developed an acute understanding of how to market to women, plus without orchestration, 80 per cent of their team is female.

At the leadership helm will be Darragh Heard and Alice Sherrah.

This will be Heard’s third rodeo and second in a female-oriented market. Five years after establishing Heard Agency, she launched Bubze.com, targeted primarily at first-time mothers:

Sherrah has been with Heard Agency for over two years at the top of account service. With her exceptional media and business nous, she is chomping at the bit to grow Her.

She said: “Her will seek to work with brands that share similar company values and whom actively demonstrate their understanding and respect for the diversity of females.

“It’s so exciting to know we are part of this revolution of more healthy and positive messaging to young and older female generations alike. There will also be a theme of environmental conscience and sustainability to our work, because we are really passionate about our social impact.”

Her will use its quarterly focus groups and surveys, to keep the database relevant and unearth the latest insights. This will be further strengthened through partnerships with major women’s networks and platforms, including but not limited to Business Chicks, Agency Circle and the UDIA.

Taking cues from its innovative parent company, Her will have a strong commercial edge to competitor agencies by offering clients a business network that facilitates for contra-deals and mutually beneficial partnerships – especially pertinent for social marketing.

Additionally, they will provide opportunities for introductions into retailers for new e-commerce brands that wish to expand.

At B&T, we believe initiatives like this can shape and influence culture. That’s one of the reasons we created Changing the Ratio, Australia’s diversity and inclusion conference for the advertising industry. Check out the 2019 schedule today.

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