Have A Squiz At The Research Agency Of The Year Finalists!

Have A Squiz At The Research Agency Of The Year Finalists!

In today’s edition of our B&T Awards finalist showcase, we’re canvassing the bad-ass world of research gurus, where we take a peek at the calibre of entries for three of the best.

With a matter of days left until the awards, the B&T office is working hard to bring the dream event together. There’s barely a handful of tickets left, so if you’re yet to grab any, see here. Although given we had about two left on Friday you’re probably fresh outta luck.

So instead lets peruse the entries from fiftyfive5, Hall & Partners and T garage.

T garage

Who We Are

We’re all a bit T-shaped at T garage!!

The stem of our “T” refers to our people’s depth of expertise in their ‘home’ discipline such as business strategy and research, while the cross bar of the “T” reflects our breadth of commercial experience.

Our philosophy at T garage emanates from our leadership team who, as former senior client side marketers, strategists and insights professionals, understand businesses and the commercial challenges facing them.

What We Do

At T garage we see ourselves as pioneers, we’re demonstrating how the research industry needs to evolve to keep in check with today’s consumer, yet still remaining relevant to all aspects of business and touchpoints in the marketing cycle.

We specialise in blending the best of traditional research with the latest in online research methodologies in order to get brands closer to consumers than ever before.

We’re Unique

We’ve pioneered the development of proprietary online research community platform, InsightIQ, which opens the gateway for richer insights
and capturing ‘in-the-moment’ opportunities with consumers. By harnessing the power of consumer-to-consumer conversation, we get to the heart of business issues and deliver powerful insight.

Our InsightIQ platform is designed maximise consumer engagement via activity based research tasks such as projective and reflective techniques, blended with digital gamification for a richer and more engaging experience.

Helping Clients Grow: Case Study

Re-igniting spirit premixed beverages in Australia. We springboard from traditional ideation into an online consumer community to explore and develop growth opportunity areas, refine product concepts, and new brand territories. Resulting in a validated innovation pipeline to bring new product offers to market, and a clear future direction.

The approach utilised our unique digital proprietary tools to facilitate consumer to consumer collaboration and ideation, with consumers being profiled on their personality attributes and creativity to ensure the right consumers were being leveraged for the right stages of the innovation process.


Since our inception in 2010 we have been the fastest growing and most profitable research agency of our size in Australia.

We have strong enduring relationships with many leading blue chip businesses including; Lion, Nestlé, Nutricia, Telstra, Woolworths, CBA, Caltex, Bayer and Arnott’s.

Approximately 90 per cent of our work is non-competitive, built off the strength of long standing on-going partnerships we have with our clients. Since inception at least 25 per cent of our revenue has come from outside of Australia and over the past six years we have worked in more than 35 countries.

Our core capabilities align to five key areas of client need; Opportunity identification, Brand positioning and strategy development, Innovation and renovation, Shopper, Category and retail strategy and Tracking performance.

We address each marketing and business opportunity by working collaboratively with our clients to develop bespoke programs and clear growth paths; blending qual, quant, consulting and analytical capability as required.

Our success is defined by our client’s success and in some cases by winning awards such as the NZ Market Research Society Awards Gold Award in the 2016 Consumer Products category and double winners of the 2016 RICA Market and Social Research Industry Consumer Insight Award.

Beyond these core areas of focus, a significant portion of our work stretches beyond the classically defined research sphere into pure consulting, brand and marketing planning and capability building – a testament to the degree to which our thinking is valued by our clients and the breadth and depth of the skills of our people.

At the heart of our business are our people. We live our values; innate drive, collaborative spirit, creative problem solving, intellectually sharp and commercial pragmatism, by reinforcing them through all touch points and processes including professional development plans, training, reward and recognition, and recruitment.

Simply put we find the best people and create an environment that supports, motivates, energises, rewards and develops talent, the outcome of which is great work for our clients.  Our vision is to continue our growth trajectory through building industry-leading capabilities in sectors where the research industry is under-delivering to client needs.

Hall & Partners


We are one of Australia’s leading research-based consultancies, with expertise across communications, behaviour change, service usage and evaluation.

Partly owned by the innovative global boutique agency, Hall and Partners, we offer the benefits of a locally managed, globally connected consultancy.

We undertake ad-hoc projects and tracking studies on behalf of government departments, NFPs and commercial enterprises, specialising in projects that demand a tailored, strategic approach.

Our client base is diverse. In 2015, we worked with 70+ clients, including 17 Federal and State Government departments.

Agency Culture

We build relationships that matter.

Our purpose is to make sense of the world we live in to help our clients build relationships that matter. To do that, we find ways of bringing people and organisations together –creating relationships that are:

  • Emotionally rewarding, for people
  • Commercially rewarding, for business
  • Socially rewarding, for Australia

We understand people –our 30+ expert researchers, evaluation practitioners and CALD specialists read what people see, feel, think and do through a cultural, social and human lens and translate this into meaningful and effective strategies, brands and communications.

The relationship with our people matters most.

We live and breathe our purpose everyday through the relationships we’ve cultivated with our own people. Our culture is not concerned with hierarchy or status –we don’t have job titles on our business cards and our executive team doesn’t hide away in offices.

We firmly believe that no one of us is as good as all of us working collaboratively. We see diversity of thought as our core competitive advantage.

Our strong ‘learning culture’ empowers everyone to be and to share their best through a bi-weekly peer-to-peer training program and global online learning platform.

Body of Work

We’ve made a real difference in 2016. This year, our work has connected us with some of Australia’s most marginalised people and most important issues.

We’ve evaluated campaigns that address violence against women and children, created strategies for people with anxiety and depression that encourages them to seek support, and our insight has underpinned behaviour change programs that will reduce lifestyle cancer risk, nudge people to make healthier food choices and encourage cycling safety.

In the commercial space, we’ve used new thinking and technology to better connect brands with people.

We’ve mapped people’s journeys using mobile self-ethnography, live-checked new campaigns to inform media decisions, evaluated the effectiveness of digital content, captured people’s true feelings towards brands by tapping into their implicit responses, segmented complex new markets, helped a global Australian brand find its purpose and developed simulators that predict how different investment scenarios impact on people’s behaviour.

We are thought leaders on brands and communications.

Twice a year we release a publication on the latest brand thinking.

Our most recent publication: Purpose Pays, looks at what it takes to be a purpose-driven brand in today’s world, why it matters, how brands can find their purpose and –crucially –how they can live and breathe it every day.

Commercial Success

We’re proud of our ongoing success and this year was no different. We have helped a staggering 30 new clients build relationships that matter.

Our continued success has been driven by recommendations from our clients and associated agencies and is the result of longstanding and rewarding consultative partnerships with clients across a range of sectors who see us as their long term strategic partner.

Impact & Momentum

New frameworks + techniques for a new world.

We continue to develop strategic frameworks and investigative tools to help our clients navigate and capitaliseon new media, new technology and new learnings from social science. Below are four of the most recent and exciting innovations.


Thanks beautiful sponsors – B&T loves you!

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