Havas Group Launches Client-Facing Programmatic Trading Solution

Havas Group Launches Client-Facing Programmatic Trading Solution

Havas Group has announced the launch of a new programmatic solution that gives clients complete visibility and control over their campaigns.

Client Trading Solution (CTS) is a client-facing, fully transparent control tower displaying all programmatic trading, allowing clients to track and monitor their programmatic buying in one place.

Dominique Delport (pictured), global managing director of Havas Group, said: “When you consider that 75 per cent of marketers say that they are concerned by the level of transparency in programmatic*, Client Trading Solution is a significant breakthrough.

“For the first time, we have an offer that gives clients full visibility and control. This innovative platform gives brands full visibility on costs, investments, outcomes and ROI across trading desks, DSPs, inventory, providers, marketplaces.

“Any advertiser using it can see exactly what’s behind all programmatic solutions, with complete transparency allowing us to work hand-in-hand with our clients to build the best strategies for their business.”

The new product was developed by Havas Group’s tech and math entity, MFG Labs.

Raphael Mirat, product manager at MFG Labs, said: “CTS complements Havas Group’s programmatic offer.

“It really shines when clients want both power and control, as it gives them unprecedented flexibility to allocate budget across DSPs and trading desks without sacrificing anything on supervision and reporting.

“For the first time, clients have all their trading operations and related data in a single platform, secure and efficient, built on a dedicated infrastructure.”

*The Transparency Opportunity (Metamarkets.com)

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