Havas And Google Launch World’s Fastest Driveable Banner Featuring PEUGEOT

Havas And Google Launch World’s Fastest Driveable Banner Featuring PEUGEOT

Together with Google and PEUGEOT, Havas Worldwide has launched a world-first interactive test drive mobile banner. Audiences could tap a mobile banner on a leading Australian car website and using Google Maps API they could virtually test drive a PEUGEOT 308 GTi, for their chance to win the car for the weekend.

In a depart from traditional automotive advertising, the campaign put users in the driver’s seat, giving them a rare opportunity to test drive the speedy PEUGEOT 308 GTi.

A simple tap of the banner on CarAdvice.com.au seamlessly lead users to a PEUGEOT dealership, using Google Maps API, and started their virtual test drive.

Drivers navigated a PEUGEOT 308 GTi using their phone’s accelerometer and had the opportunity to test 308 GTi features like ‘sports mode’. If drivers found the hidden location they were invited to enter the draw to win the car for the weekend.

The application also captured user data to be leveraged in on-going communications between local dealers and potential leads.

Havas Worldwide Australia co-executive creative director Stuart Turner said, “Most people have their mobile phone with them at all times. With access to Google Maps API we could solve our problem, of getting more people to test drive the car, by adapting technology they use every day in a smart, useful way.”

PEUGEOT head of marketing Dimitri Andreatidis said, “The 308GTI is the latest hot hatch from the PEUGEOT family and represents the motion and emotion of our performance DNA. This Havas Worldwide and Google initiative brings elements of the product to life in an engaging and relevant way.”

The technology, a first of its kind, can be applied across virtually any brand or category, using the viral trend of gamification to engage consumers on a competitive and fun journey.

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