Boo! The Best Halloween Ads

Boo! The Best Halloween Ads

It’s the scariest day of the year, well, at least in theory.

Before you start grumbling at the kids who think Halloween is a thing in Australia, like it is in the States, get into the mood with these new and classic festive spots.

1. Dumb Ways To Die

In a Halloween special, you can choose whether you want to ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ with all your favourite Dumb Ways To Die characters.

2. Ikea

It may be an adventure during the day, but it turns out Ikea is pretty scary at night.

3. Lux

Who knew slippery soap could save your life. Beauty brand Lux shows just how versatile its soap is in this Halloween special.

4. Subway

It’s going into Autumn in the States, however Subway tried to tell women not to ditch the bikini diet so they can still look kick arse in their sexy Halloween costumes. Perhaps this Subway ad is scary for other reasons…

Nine News report Subway has pulled the ad from its YouTube channel.

5. Pepsi’s Disguise

A few years ago Pepsi decided it was going to don the ultimate costume and go as Coca-Cola for Halloween.

6. Volkswagen’s Mini Cooper

It’s so mini it could almost be mistaken for bat.

volkswagen mini cooper

7. Vytautas Mineral Water

AdWeek has deemed this ad from the water brand “the most messed up Halloween ad you’ll see this year”.

Just watch it.

8. Snickers

Imagine bumping into this woman at the supermarket.

Or having this hungry woman at a party.

9. Ford

Ford got into the spirit of Halloween this year by converting a car wash to a haunted house. The video already has more than 1.3 million views.

If you’re in the mood for some extra scary bits and pieces, check out the these six campaigns that will make you poop your pants.

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