Gucci Called Out For Cultural Appropriation For $1,200 “Indy Turban”

Gucci Called Out For Cultural Appropriation For $1,200 “Indy Turban”

Gucci has come under fire for cultural appropriation for the second time this year for selling a “full indy turban” for US$800 ($AU1,200).

The turban is identical to the religious headpiece worn by Sikhs and garnered backlash when it appeared on the runway last year.

Gucci, however, clearly chose to ignore its cultural appropriation blunder and has continued to make and distribute the turban.

The “Indy Full Turban” was seen on US retailer Nordstrom‘s website, yet has now been marked as “sold out”.

Nordstrom issues a statement saying they have withdrawn the item from sale. Gucci has not commented on the backlash.

This isn’t the first time Gucci has been called out for cultural appropriation. Earlier this year, the luxury fashion brand faced severed backlash over its ‘blackface’ jumper.

The brand removed the item from sale after social media pointed out the mistake, pointing out the jumper when pulled up made it look like the wearer was dressed in blackface.

At the time, Gucci said the blackface incident would be used as a “learning experience”, vowing to increase diversity throughout the company.

Clearly, they did not learn from the mistake.

The backlash from social media has been fierce. In the Sikh faith, the turban is a religious garment, and as many people on social media have pointed out, is not an accessory.

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