Coke Pins Hopes On New ‘Lighter’, ‘Greener’ Coke

Coke Pins Hopes On New ‘Lighter’, ‘Greener’ Coke

With less sugar, less kilojoules and less red packaging, Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) is attempting to grab health-conscious Australians with the April launch of their new coca-Cola life drink.

Coca-Cola is three years behind their main rival Pepsi, who launched a stevia drink in 2012. Pepsi currently have two stevia-sweetened products in Australia, Pepsi Next and Pepsi True, perhaps Coca-Cola is simply playing “catch me up” with the market?

Coke Life is sweetened with blend of sugar and stevia extract, a sweetener that is perceived as ‘natural’ because it comes from a plant. CCA claims that Coke Life has 35% less sugar and kilojoules than your regular Coke. The new black drink is a ‘mid-calorie’ cola – not a diet drink nor a calorie laden one.

Coke Life will be adorned with green labels, a drastic shift from Coca-Cola’s traditional red label. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Colour Institute – a colour consulting firm – told USA Today that “green not only connotes refreshing — but also healthful, invigorating and even life-sustaining, but it is a stretch — and a bit iffy — as to whether or not the consumer will translate those ‘healthier’ properties to a soft drink”.

The new product will hopefully reinvigorate CCA’s fortunes after 2014 saw sales fall two percent and net profit fall by 25.3 percent to $375.5 million.

The green product has been launched throughout the world, starting in Argentina in 2013. Coke Life campaigns have focused on the product being a healthier/’greener’ alternative. The UK advertising was promoted by Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Check the ad out here:

Lisa Winn, CCA’s South Pacific marketing director, said “Coca-Cola Life is another example of us keeping in step with consumer demands. It isn’t simply a new product from Coca-Cola – it’s another great choice for people who want a delicious Coca-Cola to fit their lifestyle”.

Alison Watkins, CCA’s chief executive, told The Australian Financial Review that “pretty much everyone in Australia will want to try Coke Life. We certainly hope it would have the potential to get Brand Coke back into growth”.

The $10 million launch of Coke Life will be the first new product launched in Australia since Coke Zero’s arrival in 2006. The marketing campaign, via Ogilvy & Mather,  will run across multiple channels including TVC, OOH, print, social media and cinema. Iconic locations including Sydney’s Kings Cross sign and Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station will also turn green during the campaign.


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