GoT Fans Outraged By Show’s “Racist” Treatment Of Characters Of Colour

GoT Fans Outraged By Show’s “Racist” Treatment Of Characters Of Colour

*Warning: B&T spoiler alert* Game of Thrones fans have slammed the show and its “racist” treatment of characters of colour, especially in its latest episode, which aired on Sunday (US time).

Nathalie Emmanuel’s character Missandei died in the latest GoT episode, which has left many viewers disappointed and frustrated by the shows’ representation of people of colour.

While shocking deaths have always been common thread on GoT, Missandei’s death also represents the HBO hit show’s problem with race.

The series doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to developing its characters of colour, especially not when compared to its white characters.

Prior to Missandei’s death, the series had only two named characters of colour and on Sunday they killed off one of them to propel one of the major characters and white savior Daenerys Targaryen’s story.

Adding further insult, Missadnei was a former slave and was returned to chains in her last moments of life.

Understandably, GoT fans have slammed the show, taking to Twitter to air their concerns.

One user wrote: “There really was no reason to do that to Missandei. You could have got a better plot mechanism that didn’t involve the chaining and cruel death of a black woman at the will of a white woman. It was thin, stupid, unimaginative, and racist.”

Another said: “Forget the Starbucks Cup. Can we talk about how the only Black woman on the show died in chains?”

While another commented: “Seriously you have all of 2 people of colour on your show and felt the need to kill one off tonight?”

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