GoGet Car Share Launches First Major Advertising And Digital Marketing Campaign

GoGet Car Share Launches First Major Advertising And Digital Marketing Campaign

GoGet, Australia’s first and largest car share company, has launched a major advertising campaign.

The centre-piece of the campaign is “Go”, an animated shape-shifting character, whose distinctive colour matches the ubiquitous orange wing mirrors on all GoGet vehicles.  The character, conceived by Caballeros Creative, is intended to convey how GoGet fits into a wide-range of activities and lifestyles having grown from under 10,000 members five years ago to over 50,000 today.

“GoGet has moved into the mainstream of urban life and is now an important part of what it means to live in an Australia city today,” said Richard Tourino, marketing director for GoGet. “Our members’ needs are very diverse. We wanted to express that we tirelessly meet those needs, whether it’s a Yaris for getting around town, a van for that trip to IKEA, an Audi to impress a date, roof racks for weekend getaways, baby seats for families, or business fleet alternatives. GoGet is being used for everything now and we think Go and this campaign express the spirit and energy behind that.”

Tourino said that after a review of a number of agencies, the team turned to Caballeros Creative, whose principals, Lee Jackson and Brendan Shanahan, had worked with GoGet before and already had familiarity with GoGet’s brand.

“We needed to create a 30-second video that would do the heavy lifting of the campaign, and Lee and Brendan convinced us that Caballeros was right for the job,” said Tourino.

Lee Jackson said Caballeros worked with In The Thicket to produce the video and a number of shorts showing how adaptable the service is.

“Because we had worked with them, we knew that they needed a character and videos that really conveyed how GoGet shapes to your life and also delivered the key benefits like never paying for petrol or worrying about parking.  It’s essentially all about freedom,” said Jackson.

The video has already begun to show in cinemas in Sydney and Melbourne.

Tourino also noted that business is quickly taking up GoGet as a way of reducing transport costs and increasing efficiency. Delivering this message to businesses that might not know about the benefits was another aim of the campaign.

“Businesses of all sizes use us because there are vehicles all around them and GoGet is cheaper and more convenient than a hire car,” said Tourino.

Media was provided by Customedia who helped formulate a strategy to build brand awareness and consideration outside of the existing membership base and marketing channels.


Client: GoGet

Client contact: Richard Tourino

Agency: Caballeros Creative

Art Director: Lee Jackson

Writer: Brendan Shanahan

Production company: In The Thicket

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