goa And Flip Band Together To Help Fund Medical Research

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Outdoor media provider, goa, and Queensland creative agency, Flip, have banded together to back the launch of a world-first medical research funding platform, The Common Good. an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

The initiative enables people to donate much needed time to medical researchers working on vital discoveries to combat chronic health conditions affecting 90 per cent of Australians.

The Common Good have quantified that one hour of medical research they support costs $44, which has been converted into a tangible currency called ‘Time’ – a profoundly precious and necessary commodity for researchers, scientists and engineers who are dedicated to tackling the nation’s biggest health challenges including heart disease, lung disease, arthritis, gut disease, dementia and hospital care.

As part of the campaign supported by goa and Flip, the public can now choose to fund research into an area of health that matters to them, buy ‘Time’ to fund these researchers and then be informed via SMS when the time they bought is being used. They will also receive real-time thanks in the form of their name and donation being displayed on goa’s digital billboard network, including their premium ICONIC SERIES sites.

“Flip has been imperative in the creation of our research funding platform, the first-of-its-kind, and with goa’s digital billboard network to support, we hope to generate more support from the community to back some of our brightest medical minds, including young researchers who often find it difficult to kick-start their projects, to complete research that could significantly improve health outcomes,” said Prince Charles Hospital Foundation CEO Michael Hornby.

“The fate of research through The Common Good lies in the hands of those who have a vested interest in the outcomes of research– those who have a history of health problems in their family, those who have seen friends and loved ones suffer and those who want to see a healthier future where we all live better for longer.”

goa has donated $250,000 worth of media space to support the launch of the new research funding platform, as part of its annual Community Partnerships Program.

goa’s executive assistant to the chairman and joint managing directors Janelle Belford said The Common Good’s mission to promote goodwill by supporting and celebrating donors as they donate the crucial resource of ‘Time’ via the platform was an initiative they were eager to support.

“Our Community Partnership Program is aimed at creating meaningful collaborations that give organisations access to our technology and audience to create campaigns that truly drive community awareness and engagement in a big way,” said Belford.

“Medical research is of vital importance, not only for the individuals whose ailments it might hope to solve, but to the entire community. The high quality of medical care we enjoy today comes from years of work of doctors, medical professionals and researchers that have come before.

“It is our genuine hope that this partnership will assist The Common Good in creating momentum and resources for research that will impact and improve many lives.”

Flip has been working with The Common Good to build the new brand and first-of-its-kind online platform which, unlike most donation platforms, gives people a real and tangible connection to donating to medical research.

Flip creative director Jesse Richardson said science and technology have the power to create profoundly positive change in the world.

“The Common Good is a movement that inspires everyday people and businesses to get behind the medical research that could one day potentially save their own lives, the lives of people they love, and the lives of millions of others around the world. It’s why we’re so passionate for the initiative and supporting the build of a new brand and online platform,” said Richardson.

“The key difference that The Common Good has, is that it makes donor contributions tangible. We often don’t see the meaningful connection between the tireless research that scientists undertake, and the very real impact that it has on our lives.

“This campaign gives people a real insight into how their donation of ‘Time’ is being used and what difference it’s making, by integrating live data with goa’s digital billboards and updating people via SMS.”

To donate ‘Time’ and have your name up in goa billboard lights, please visit www.thecommongood.org.au.


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