goa Celebrates THE VALLEY ICONIC Launch With Australian First Emoji Billboards

goa Celebrates THE VALLEY ICONIC Launch With Australian First Emoji Billboards
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Today marks the first official day of operation for goa’s digital flagship screen, THE VALLEY ICONIC.

Australian roadside digital pioneers, goa, are launching with a national first to celebrate the occasion with Brisbane’s residents – a campaign consisting only of emojis.

While commuters make their way to work this morning, the screen will reflect their mood with business suits, money and most importantly, coffee. Similarly THE VALLEY ICONIC will tell stories of drinks, dancing and celebrations for Friday knock-off drinks.

Everything in between will be reactive – to weather, current events as well as countless other factors – served up in real time via the goa Connect platform.

Chris Tyquin, goa’s joint managing director, said goa have aimed to make the campaign ‘brave, fun and clever’, something he thinks Brisbane’s residents will appreciate.

“We’re excited to be story-telling with Brisbane in a really exciting and fun way,” he said.

“This screen alone reaches over 10 percent of Brisbane’s population every week, but unless we aim to use it to have fun with them, it could be just another digital billboard. By expressing the public’s mood in such a big way, we’re taking the first step toward ensuring that they notice and remember the screen.

“And most importantly of all, that they keep looking up for it.”

THE VALLEY ICONIC is the largest in goa’s premium digital screen offering THE ICONIC SERIES at 150 square metres.

Towering above one of Brisbane’s busiest intersections, THE VALLEY ICONIC will be an architectural landmark in its own right, commanding the attention of traffic from five separate feeder roads.

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