“Go Balls Deep Without Losing Sleep”, Says This New STD Awareness Campaign

“Go Balls Deep Without Losing Sleep”, Says This New STD Awareness Campaign

How do you reach the kids and tell them that safe sex is cool? With cringeworthy slang of course. And that’s exactly what government agency Trigger did for the STD-rampant city of Alberta, Canada.

Apparently, the place is a bit of a breeding ground for sexually transmitted diseases, with rates in young people on the rise, according to AdWeek. The campaign clearly isn’t targeting the older crowd with slogans like “Protect your junk and your trunk”.

Instead, the campaign is going after the target demographic of twenty-somethings, especially men, among whom gonorrhea and syphilis rates are soaring.

Huge shout out to whoever thought of the tagline, ‘Keep your vajayjay yay-yay’, which is the epitome of awkward adults trying to get kids to think safe sex is the bomb.


But regardless of the slogans making their way around the city, the real test will come a bit further down the track when results show whether or not STDs are on the decline. For now, check out these hilarious campaign posters:


Agency: Trigger
Creative Director: Johnny Talisman
Copywriter: Lance Risseeuw
Art Directors: Taegan Rubert / Vanessa Chaplin
Account Director: Celeste Herbert
Production: Julie Bousfield / Natalie Faulkner

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