Glamour Removes ‘How To Make Your Man Fall For You’ Article After Copping Serious Flak

Glamour Removes ‘How To Make Your Man Fall For You’ Article After Copping Serious Flak

Beauty magazine Glamour has been lambasted throughout the media for publishing an article entitled ‘13 Little Things That Can Make a Man Fall Hard for You’.

The ‘little things’ included making him a snack after sex, stocking the fridge with his favourite drinks and answering the door in a negligee, or naked – among 10 other tips.

The article copped some serious heat from social media users and media outlets such as Vice, The Guardian and The Washington Post for being reminiscent of a 1950s housewife, anti-feminist, as well as inspiring a number of parodies.

Image via Daily Mail US

Image via Daily Mail US

The article has since been removed with an explanation of its disappearance, in which Glamour itself says the article was going a bit far.

“We’ve been taking some heat for a post on man-pleasing tips that ran here a few days ago—and honestly, we kinda asked for it. (That’s the consensus across the Internet and even within our own ranks),” said the statement on the Glamour US site.

“We hear you, tweeters—and we agree.”

Glamour goes on to help decode any dating woes readers might have, suggesting the snack doesn’t have to be just after sex, but you can make a grilled cheese sandwich for anyone you love.

“That being said, we’ll always be here to help you decode dating. So let’s be clear: You’re welcome to make a grilled cheese for anyone you love, but you shouldn’t be whipping one up in an effort to lock the all-important ‘him’ down. (That’s just a waste of Gruyere.) What we want for you is love based on equality, not indentured servitude with date night. We’re sorry for slipping off message.

“And speaking of slipping, please, please ignore that beer-right-out-of-the-shower thing. It feels like it could get dangerous fast.”

Lead image via ETonline.

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