Giving an F*: OVO Challenges Other Telco’s With Fairness campaign

Giving an F*: OVO Challenges Other Telco’s With Fairness campaign

Fairness shouldn’t be a dirty word for Australian telcos.

That’s the message OVO wants Australian mobile customers to hear when it rolls out its new campaign this month.

Launching this week, OVO’s radio and outdoor-led campaign targets people who are unhappy with their telco, and dissatisfied with being locked in to increasingly uncompetitive plans while the best deals are only used to attract new customers.


Close to 70,000 OVO customers will wake up this month to find the data allowance on their mobile phone plans has at least doubled.

This is the third time OVO has automatically upgraded data allowances since May 2018, on prepaid, no-contract plans that customers can opt out of at any time, with no penalties.

This means someone who signed up for a $30 per month plan a year ago, has had their monthly data allowance jump by 400 per cent from 5GB to 20GB per month, at no extra cost, and without having to sign a contract.

Every OVO mobile plan has seen its data limits at least double since last May.

Owners of the $34.95 Large OVO plan have been the big winners; their data limits have increased by a massive 500 per cent, from 10 GB to 50 GB in less than 12 months.

Playing on the idea of fairness being a dirty word, the latest OVO campaign asks “A telco that gives an F*?”.

According to OVO CMO Nicole McInnes, OVO is trying to wake people up to the fact that in 2019, anyone who is on a mobile contract is on a bad deal.

McInnes said: “There’s a serious level of apathy when it comes to our mobile provider.

“Most of us suspect we’re on a bad wicket, but we don’t know how to go about changing it.

“We hear from people every day who tell us they feel trapped, either by a bad contract that just seems to roll over or by a lack of awareness of what they should expect from a good telco.”

She added: “We’re a small player in this market, but we have something none of the big telcos have: a Fans-First approach that gives our customers reasons to stay.

“The fact we’ve upgraded our plans three times in less than 12 months, without them having to ask for it, is proof of that.

“Trust in Telcos is up there with the likes of banks, so this campaign was designed to make sure people knew there was an alternative that does care”.

McInnes concluded: “A telco can be fair, flexible and even fun, in fact, we designed OVO that way.

“And these latest round of changes further demonstrates our commitment to a positive set of eff words OVO customers get to experience every day, not just the day they join.”

OVO has had its Fans First promise in place since day one when it launched its first mobile plans less than three years ago.

A virtual telco operating on the Optus 4G Plus network, it has succeeded in attracting customers away from more established players by offering innovative products such as Australia’s first kid’s plan and automatically passing on the decreasing cost of data to its existing customers.

It also continues to build its sport and entertainment content platform OVOPlay, which OVO mobile customers can use data-free.

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