GetUp! And Channel Nine In Big Stink Over TPP Ad

GetUp! And Channel Nine In Big Stink Over TPP Ad

An ad by political campaigning group GetUp about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been pushed back by Channel Nine.

The TPP is a proposed trade agreement between several countries, including Japan, the US and Australia, which aims to lower trade barriers between the countries. According to GetUp! the TPP will give multinational corporations, including pharmaceutical and tobacco companies, the power to sue the Australian government for decisions that impact their investments in Australia.

Campaigns director at GetUp! Mark Connelly, told B&T: “The ad will be running on Channel Ten, which is one of the many reasons why Channel Nine’s decision makes no sense. Channel Ten has no problem running it during Ten News or The Project. 

“They (Channel Nine) said we could run it after 9:30pm, they’ve banned it during prime time when all the viewers are watching. Channel Nine haven’t explained their decision.

“You want to reach certain people and demographics, the audience drop off after 9:30 pm is massive. We need to be on the evening news, it’s not equivalent to then be on some Big Brother rerun at 10 at night. We just won’t be running the ad on Channel Nine.”

“The main problem with the TPP is it’s all being done in secret,” Connelly said, “that’s the thing which makes it so frustrating, we’ve got a government which is keeping this secret and now we’ve got Channel Nine aiding and abetting their secrecy.”

A Channel Nine spokesperson told B&T that the network has not banned the ad, but decided to run it at a later time-slot which it felt was more appropriate for the ad’s content.

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