Getty Images And Pantone Celebrate The Top Visual Trend With New Campaign

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Visual communications brand Getty Images and colour institute Pantone have joined forces to bring to light a new campaign celebrating the top visual trend of 2015, Wonderlust.

“As social platforms continue to grow and allow people to go to places they’ve never been before, or share their experiences more widely, we’ve seen a shift in the kinds of imagery brands are using to engage audiences,” William Bon, senior art director at Getty Images, told B&T.

“We’ve seen images key-worded around themes of travel, exploration, adventure, and connectivity increase in sales at Getty Images by 30 per cent over the past five years – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

This rise of this trend got the guys at Getty Images and Pantone thinking, inspiring the interactive platform that leads the campaign.

“Wonderlust is the visual manifestation of this trend and we really wanted to pay tribute to it by creating a social journey of our own that would bring together creative experience, colour and a visual journey that highlights the wonder of the journey,” explained Bon.

Of brands currently getting it right in the Wonderlust arena are the tourism brands in New Zealand, in Bon’s eyes, particularly Air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand.

“Real or virtual, we are in the era of Wonderlust seeing the world with fresh eyes – and imagery and video are our great catalysts,” he said.

“In a simple swipe and click world of screen-gazing and sharing, we have all become moment-to-moment wayfarers. We lust after unique and wondrous travel experiences shared by our friends on Instagram or through planned travel trip searches on Pinterest.

“We are able to step away from an ordinary day and instantly see moments that build memories and touch on our own nostalgic experiences by connecting with others virtually. We seek out new and meaningful experiences for personal fulfilment like GoPro or drone videos that show us perspectives of our world that were impossible to see a few years ago.

“All this through our mobile and computer screens without ever leaving our living rooms.

“Quite simply, Wonderlust has never had a greater moment.”

Click here for more Wonderlust information. 

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