Get Yoga-ing On The Wharf On Tuesday Mornings With Atomic 212

Get Yoga-ing On The Wharf On Tuesday Mornings With Atomic 212

Atomic 212o is launching a new initiative, ‘Yoga on the Wharf’, in order to get the industry stretching, bending and sun saluting before they kick off their busy days at work. The program is free and open to all members of the broader industry, regardless of their employer.

Every Tuesday morning at 7.30am, the company will be providing Atomic employees, as well as fellow Sydney agencies, marketers and media people, with a free yoga class from the glorious wharf of their Walsh Bay office. The motto of the program is “Putting people first in advertising”.

The agency has invited staff and management from the entire marcomms industry, across brands, agencies and media owners, to take part in the initiative. Anyone who wants to participate can drop by or register here.

CEO Jason Dooris believes it is important to nurture a balanced work life for his staff, and is an advocate for breaking down the competitive nature between agencies to create a more congenial industry.

“This is all about nurturing talent in the industry, and putting people first in advertising. Agencies are very competitive in general, but once in a while it is great to come together as an industry in a non-competitive environment, so we can focus on the very thing that makes this industry tick: the people,” Dooris said.

The 38-hour work week is increasingly a thing of the past, and it is important to foster a healthy work environment, and a strong work-life balance. In fact, recent research has indicated that the vast majority of full time workers in Australia are putting in considerably more hours than the traditional 38-hour week. And if you’re in our industry, this stat probably doesn’t surprise you.

The new ‘Yoga on the Wharf’ initiative encourages a balanced life in and out of the workplace to increase productivity and staff happiness. Yoga relieves stress and increases mental and physical energy – a perfect way to start off a long work day.

Dooris added, “Big companies are focusing less and less on the health of their employees. People are working longer hours, and the work life balance has fallen out of whack. We want to give something back on behalf of the entire industry, whether you are working with us today or not.”

The Atomic 212° is located at:

Level 2, Pier 8/9, Walsh Bay

Sydney, 2000



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