“Get Your T*ts Out!” Two Vile Incidents Demonstrate The Struggles Of Female TV Reporters

“Get Your T*ts Out!” Two Vile Incidents Demonstrate The Struggles Of Female TV Reporters

As B&T regularly reports, it can be tough being a TV journalist reporting on live stories, particularly when there’s a crowd involved. And it can be tougher again if you’re a female reporter.

And two unsavoury incidents in the past couple of days have confirmed the fact.

The first involved Italian sports presenter Diletta Leotta who was reporting on a football game between Naples and Brescia.

Walking past the crowd at Naples’ home ground Stadio San Paolo, sections of the crowd began goading the 28-year-old with chants of “fuori le tette” or, a rough translation, “get your tits out”.

Despite the revolting comments, Leotta, who works for the TV network DAZN Italia, simply responded to the crowd with a disapproving wag of the finger and shake of the head.

Meanwhile, things turned very ugly for a female reporter in Barcelona yesterday.

Laila Jiménez, who works for Spanish television network Telecinco, was reporting on the second anniversary of the Catalan independence movement. Catalan, in the north-east of the country, wants to break away from the rest of Spain and become an autonomous state.

Many in the pro-Catalan crowd believed that Jiménez was unsympathetic to their cause and her presence was “provocative” and soon began jostling, shoving and screaming at the reporter and even threw a can of soft drink at her. Scuffles soon broke out within the crowd.

Jiménez soon becomes visibly upset but manages to escape the mob.

The crowd’s behaviour sparked outrage on social media in the country, with Gabriel Rufián, spokesman for the Republican Party of Catalonia, tweeting: “Doing this with a female worker with a microphone on the street is disgusting.”

Carlos Martinez de la Serna, CPJ’s program director, said: “Authorities must quickly and thoroughly investigate the attacks on Telecinco reporter Laila Jiménez and bring those responsible to justice.

“The harassment of journalists covering protests in Spain is far too common. Authorities must put an end to this trend and ensure that journalists can freely and safely cover demonstrations,” he said.



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