Get Educated With Your Fun (Yes, FUN!) 2020 Audio Guide

Get Educated With Your Fun (Yes, FUN!) 2020 Audio Guide

The commercial radio landscape in Oz changes about as much as Kyle Sandilands says something controversial on air. So, a lot (bless you, Kyle. B&T loves you).

So, if you’re having a hard time keeping up with all the changes across radio, we don’t blame you. And in good news, we have just the remedy to allay your issues.

The lovely audio maestros over at ARN have helped us create this very fun (as you read in the headline) interactive Australian Audio Guide that’ll have you across the industry in no time at all.

While the tactile map was distributed in the print version in B&T‘s March mag, if you missed out, don’t worry, we’re now bringing it to you online and it’s even been updated to be 100 per cent accurate, at the time of publishing anyway.

Get yourself educated quick-smart and never be caught out again. Check out all the good fun below!


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