Gen Ys Boycotting Booze Culture Says Heineken’s Research And New Campaign

Gen Ys Boycotting Booze Culture Says Heineken’s Research And New Campaign

A study by global beer brand Heineken has found that Millennials are drinking less and no longer think getting drunk on a night out is considered cool like previous generations.

The report by trend analyst firm Canvas8 interviewed 5000 respondents aged 21-35 and found that three-quarters admitted they were drinking less because they wanted to be more self-aware and stay in control. The research  found the Ys were particularly concerned about getting drunk and having the consequences posted on social media.

Interestingly, “good food and friends” was the more important ingredient to a good night out than simply drinking heavily in a bar. While almost half wanted a new experience when they went out rather than the same old experience.

The research follows the release of Heineken’s latest campaign by Publicis Italy and shot in LA that has woman on a night out looking for men who aren’t inebriated and asleep. The TVC titled ‘Moderate Drinkers Wanted’ is all part of the global beer brands Enjoy Heineken Responsibly’ campaign.

Other key findings of the Canvas8/Heineken study found:

• Some 58 per cent of respondents said loss of control was the primary reason they were limiting their alcohol consumption.

• While 36 per cent admitted they’d got drunk and had been shamed on social media as a consequence.

• Eighty-eight per cent agreed with the statement that they are responsible for how their life turns out.

• Sixty-nine per cent said they worked harder at their careers than their parents did.

• Ninety-seven per cent said getting drunk would not lead them to finding true love.

• Almost three-quarters agreed their lives were better when they moderated their drinking.

• Taste (41 per cent), quality (32 per cent) and price (only 19 per cent) were the main factors in the Ys choosing an alcoholic beverage.

• More than half of respondents respected their friends’ decision to moderate their drinking.

Commenting on the study, Heineken’s senior global bands director Gianluca Di Tondo said: “This study shows moderation is becoming an active choice for an image-conscious generation wanting to stay in control. Drinking responsibly enables millennials to shape their own reputation and to make the best of every opportunity thrown at them. Given the pervasiveness of social media for this age group the ‘personal brand’ is key, so it’s increasingly about quality not quantity.”

Goal Auzeen Saedi, psychologist and millennial behaviour expert, said; “Millennials have grown up in a period of rapid technological change, globalization and economic disruption. The result is their outlook on life is sharply different to previous generations.  They are dedicated to positive lifestyles. Drinking in moderation is one aspect of this, taking matters into their own hands, making positive lifestyle choices and attempting to make the best of every opportunity that is thrown at them.”

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