Gelato Messina Has Created A #LibSpill Flavour!

Icecream ball

Decadent ice cream company Gelato Messina has apparently created a #LibSpill flavoured ice cream, at least according to its social channels.

Called Malcolm’s Malted Milk, the brand’s new flavour is made from white chocolate gelato with peanut, banana, and chocolate cream cheese pie.

We’ve been in touch with Messina and apparently the initiative came from the desire to create a Malted Milk flavour. And then ideas were thrown around about spilled milk, and then Tony Abbott crying over spilled milk, and ta da! The #LibSpill flavour is born.

The Messina spokesperson said Turnbull was a regular, or at least used to be a regular, at the chain’s Darlinghurst store in Sydney.

So far, social media reaction seems to be pretty positive, although one user did suggest Messsina adds raw onion to the recipe… however Messina tells us that’s not going to happen.

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