Garvan Institute Confronts Charity Choice In ‘Disease Dillemas’ Via BWM Dentsu

Garvan Institute Confronts Charity Choice In ‘Disease Dillemas’ Via BWM Dentsu

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research has partnered with BWM dentsu to launch its first nationwide campaign, to raise awareness and funding for its genomics research.

There are thousands of disease-related charities in Australia. But, according to the campaign’s PR partner Haystac, unless you have a personal connection to a specific cause, this creates a real dilemma: how do you decide who to help?

The new campaign, ‘Disease Dilemmas’, puts Australians in the position of trying to choose who they’d donate to—the young mother with pancreatic cancer or the retired musician with Parkinson’s disease? The teacher with a kidney condition or the student with immune disease?

The choice is brought to life through portrait pairings of real people living with different diseases, with each execution posing its own dilemma that challenges people to think and interact, with the ultimate aim of getting viewers to donate to Garvan, whose genomics research “can help them all”.

You can check out the campaign’s hero video below via YouTube, and further videos from the campaign here, and at the campaign website.

“We are incredibly grateful to our 12 heroes, the men and women living with disease, who shared their personal stories in such a raw and powerful way,” Mara-Jean Tilley, director, Garvan Research Foundation, said.

“We know the power of medical research to change lives—we see it. It’s a privilege for the Garvan Institute to be able to share these stories and really articulate the hope that medical research can provide.”

All hero testimonials are based on a connection to Garvan and were voluntarily shared to inspire and move the public to action, Haystac said.

Oskar Westerdal and Jon Foye, creative directors at BWM dentsu, added: “Getting to know our heroes has certainly proven just how impossible it is to choose supporting one disease over another.

“Bringing these stories to life has been emotional, humbling and incredibly inspiring, and we are so grateful for the support of our director-photographer Simon Harsent, the Pool Collective and all our production partners who’ve made it all happen.”

Credits for the campaign are as follows:

Client: Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Director, Garvan Research Foundation: Mara-Jean Tilley

Deputy director, Garvan Research Foundation: Brad Timms

Marketing manager: Anna Sweeney

Creative agency: BWM dentsu

Executive creative director: Marcus Tesoriero

Creative directors: Oskar Westerdal & Jon Foye

Creative consultant: Rob Belgiovane

Creative: Oskar Westerdal, Jon Foye and Asheen Naidu

Executive producer broadcast/integrated: Margot Fitzpatrick

Senior integrated producer: Emma Durlacher

National production Lead: Lauren Reilly

Design director: Eeuwout Baart

Senior finished artist and designer: Alanna Rados

Editor: Brendon Killen

Digital art director: Thomas Deng

Managing director: Brent Kerby

Head of client services: Sophie Lander

Group account director: Andrew Henderson

Senior account manager: Jessica Walley & Ashley Martin

Strategic planner: Karl Bates

Production: The Pool Collective

Director & photographer: Simon Harsent

Executive producer: Cameron Gray

Post-production: Fin

Post producer: Emily Newbould

Colourist: Ben Eagleton


Sterne Creative: Mark Sterne

Website production: Isobar

Chief engagement director: Elaine Loke

Project manager: Ritika Jhaver

Web developer: Rhys Martindale

Audio production: Rumble Studios

Executive producer: Michael Gie

Senior sound designer: Tone Aston, Cam Milne & Liam Annert

Music: Bopper

Licensing supervisor: Koo Abuali

Media: dentsu Amplifi, and Carat

Chief investment officer, Amplifi: Michael Bass

Chief investment officer, Carat: Craig Cooper

Managing director: Lauren Small

Client partner: Sue Cant

Head of OOH: Emma Hegg

National production manager: Rebecca Eastman

Project manager, platforms and OOH production: Hayley Kingsley

Investment manager: Al Vari

Client manager: Kristina Endrikhovskaia

PR: Haystac

Group business director: Carolina Fullen

Account manager: Mariel Malabanan

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