Gambling Industry Forks Out $147 Million This Year On Advertising

Gambling Industry Forks Out $147 Million This Year On Advertising

Figures from Nielsen AdEx have revealed the gambling industry is the fourth highest spending industry on advertising. The only industries which spend more are food, finance and automobiles.

The figures reveal that since 2012, the amount of money gambling and betting companies spent on advertising has jumped 326 per cent, from $45 million in 2012 to $147 million this year.

Anti-gambling experts are concerned that the increase in advertising is encouraging the next generation of problem gamblers, especially young men. Research by Gambling Research Australia found exposure to gambling marketing, through both traditional and digital media, was higher for adolescents than adults.

Almost a third (30 per cent) of survey participants thought sports betting marketing was targeted toward teenagers aged 13 to 17 years. Participants also thought sports betting marketing was targeted to:

  • ‘young people as future customers’ (75 per cent)
  • problem gamblers (74 per cent)
  • sports fans (94 per cent)
  • adults aged 30 to 60 (90 per cent)
  • people who gamble a lot (89 per cent)

To read more of the Marketing Of Sports Betting And Racing report click here. 

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation chief executive Serge Sardo said: “We are particularly concerned about young men aged 18-to-25 who are often the primary group targeted by sports betting companies, who are also among the most at risk of developing gambling problems.”

Australian Wagering Council chief executive Ian Fletcher said advertising was an important legal right for companies. Fletcher said: “Wagering advertising informs consumers of the identity of licensed Australian-based wagering service providers through which they can participate in wagering in a highly controlled and consumer protected environment.”

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