How To Gain Useful Market Insights: Qualtrics

How To Gain Useful Market Insights: Qualtrics

Businesses understand the value of researching to gain data insights. However, not all organisations are researching effectively, which can result in wasted time and money, according to Qualtrics.

Bill McMurray, managing director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics, said, “Before embarking on a research project, businesses should ensure they understand all of the elements of the research process to gain maximum results.

“The number one rule for research projects is providing transparency. For your data to be compelling, people have to believe that the data collection and analysis processes were completed in valid and reliable ways.”

Qualtrics has released a new research success kit that lays out five key guidelines to establish a valuable research program:

1) Survey design: Asking the right questions, the right way, can mean the difference between uncovering a wealth of actionable insights and struggling to find meaning in your data.

2) Increasing response rates: As consumers have been bombarded with more surveys, it’s become increasingly difficult to entice respondents to complete them.

Embedding survey questions within the survey email and using newer distribution channels such as SMS, are a couple of ways to achieve this.

3) Convincing decision-makers: For researchers, even the soundest of insights can be met with internal resistance and skepticism when it’s time to act. Make sure you involve them from the beginning to get buy-in.

4) Getting up to speed: From workforce demographics to technology, the research industry is changing at an accelerated pace. Today’s researchers are operating in a state of flux.

Do your homework to make sure you have the right technology in place to support your research.

5) Survey templates: Understanding survey templates further can yield strong results.

Bill McMurray said, “Making sure research projects are insightful and efficient means overcoming certain challenges. To help marketers, Qualtrics has created a new research success kit that aims to help businesses master survey design to ensure meaningful, insight-rich data.

“It also helps marketers and researchers create, manage, and incentivise their own research panel to improve response rates.

“Having a research kit to refer to can also help convince decision-makers, and break through internal resistance to achieve your outcomes and adapt to the changing state of the research industry.”


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