Further stair motivations

Further stair motivations

One of B&T’s devoted readers, Catriona Hay, challenged my previous post of motivation for climbing the stairs.

Commenting on Japanese stair motivation, Hay replied to my “If there was better motivation for taking the stairs rather than the escalator than this, I’d like to see it” with “Check it” and posted a fantastic video of a staircase in Stockholm that was completely revamped into a playable piano as portrayed by The Fun Theory.

An initiative by Volkswagon, The Fun Theory's website is dedicated to the belief that “something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better”.

Imagine, it’s a Monday morning, you drag yourself out of bed, off to the train station where the thought of walking a bazillion stairs is as appealing as eating elephant dung, but lo and behold the stairs have been transformed into a piano.

You can jump up and down the stairs with the notes clanging throughout Odelham station, or attempt to play a wee tune, depending on how far you can jump and your balancing ability.

Have a watch of people’s inquisitive nature in the pursuit of fun as 66% more people chose the musical plight rather than the slow moving boring escalator.

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