“Fu$k Off Clown!” King Kyle Becomes An International Feminist Hero For Calling Out Sexist Guest

“Fu$k Off Clown!” King Kyle Becomes An International Feminist Hero For Calling Out Sexist Guest

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands’ has gone viral internationally after he called out a guest for his sexist views and American Twitter is now obsessed with him.

In Australia, Sandilands’ is known for his shock-jock persona. He says what he wants when he wants, generating headlines and scandal. Sometimes he even just storms off his own show!

However, Sandilands’ is now going viral worldwide after he chewed out podcaster Myron Gaines for having double standards when it comes to women.

Yes, internationally, Sandilands’ is now seen as a feminist hero.

Gaines is a co-host of the US podcast Fresh and Fit, a podcast known for being pretty sexist. For instance, Gaines believes when a woman posts a sexy photo on Instagram, it is a version of cheating.

When he appeared on Sandilands & Jackie O’s show, Gains didn’t hold back when he said: “Women want attention, men want sex, so my thing is men are capable of having sex with other women while still loving his girl the same.”

Jackie O was clearly not impressed and retorted: “You’re actually saying that in a relationship it’s OK for men to go and explore other options, but we have to be happy with you and not explore options?”

Gaines said: “Absolutely. Closed on your end, open on my end.”

Sandilands’ then jumped in and said: “That’s crazy. You can’t just go throwing that thing around.

Gaines tried to interrupt, but King Kyle cut him off and raged on, “I’m sick of you asking to finish your long, boring answers that are the same answer every time we ask you a question.”

“But you guys asked me to come on your show?” Gaines pointed out.

“So f**king what, clown!?” Sandilands said

“Here you are on the show, and I can turn you off as well! Turn these clowns off; see ya, fellas! Come back when you’re 30 and not being led around by your d**ks.”

Jackie O laughed in response to Sandilands ‘tirade, and it was a moment to witness.

The moment has since gone viral, with a TikTok circulating online gaining over 5 million views and a tweet about it grabbing over 250,000 likes.

The comment section is also worth checking out as Americans refer to Sandilands as “Santa” and “KFC Man!”

Who knew Sandilands would become internationally famous for being such a loud feminist.

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