Foxtel Drops Its Prices For Game Of Thrones

Foxtel Drops Its Prices For Game Of Thrones

Season six of Game of Thrones is nearly upon us and in an attempt to curve the country pirating the fantasy show, Foxtel is dropping its prices.

The discount is part of the Premium Movie and Drama package – where Game of Thrones is located amongst the Foxtel content plethora.

For customers who have the lowest Foxtel tier, priced at $25, they can add the movie and drama package for an extra $5 for the first three months, the duration of Game of Thrones. For new customers, that means they can access the show for $30 a month.

The show is being aired Monday 25 April at 11am AEST.

Uproar dominated the social media sphere in 2014 when Foxtel announced it had secured the exclusive rights to the HBO show. It meant many fans who did not want to pay for Foxtel ended up pirating the film.

It aided Game of Thrones winning the title of most pirated show ever.

But Foxtel retaliated with its own fiery letter at the time justifying its actions.

“The criticisms relate both to price and the Foxtel business model,” said head of corporate affairs Bruce Meagher.

“Some even conclude that unauthorised downloading is justified because of these objections…that’s like justifying stealing a Ferrari on the basis that the waiting list is too long or the price is too high (maybe it’s because you don’t want all of the features). You only have to state the proposition to realise how absurd it is.”

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