Forget Digital Marketing, The Answer Is In Your Mailbox

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We all know the force that is digital marketing, but have you ever thought about taking it back a step? When it comes to engagement, ROI and cut-through, direct mail presents an impressive case.

According to the research, the current response rate for household direct mail is just over five per cent and the median return on investment (ROI) comes in at 29 per cent.

The Real Media Collective is a thought leader and educator in the realm of letterbox advertising. It has collected a handful of global case studies that show us direct mail marketing is far from dead.

Back to basics: catalogue with a twist

Ikea and catalogues go together like Ikea furniture and Allen Keys.

But after 38 years, the Swedish-founded furniture retail company knew something had to change.

It remodelled its famous catalogue as ‘The Most Helpful Book in the World’, which featured a measuring tape attached to the package, placing the right tools literally into its audience’s hands.

By adding this touch of imagination, Ikea was able to increase sales by a whopping 13.5 per cent.

From Gmail to direct mail

When one of the world’s biggest technology brands wanted to break into a new market, it turned away from everything it holds dear.

Google sent out a unique mailer, highlighting its ease of use to potential Japanese customers in an attempt to increase the uptake of Google AdWords for SMEs.

To build trust with customers, the search engine sent out a locked box that could only be opened by a code found through Google AdWords.

Of the targeted group, 95 per cent used the code and 51 per cent answered a questionnaire on the custom microsite – an overall ROI of 90:1.

Capitalising on a good experience

While the value of data is often touted in the digital world, cruise company Cunard used its insights to turn one-time cruisers into loyal customers.

Its highly targeted ‘Welcome home’ mailer reached customers as they returned from their cruise, encouraging them to rebook their next adventure.

Bookings across the mail base generated a five per cent uplift and an ROI of $80.20 for every $2 spent.

A healthy lifestyle can start in a mailbox

In the nation’s capital, luxury shopping centre the Canberra Centre had recently launched a new health and wellbeing centre, Eden.

Unsure of how to bring in active locals, it delivered a print booklet to 47,000 targeted females and males to raise awareness of the new fitness sanctuary.

Overall foot traffic in the precinct increased five per cent, matched with a 3.9 per cent lift in sales.

The direct mail campaign also assisted in the digital success of the Canberra Centre, with online blog views lifting 143 per cent following the delivery of the booklet.

The power of a discount

For gourmet food specialists Maggie Beer, a simple direct mail campaign boasting a 20 per cent discount was all it took to reignite interest in its hampers ahead of Christmas.

Compared to a conversion rate of around 0.01 per cent with its digital newsletters, the DM campaign translated to three per cent conversion, lifting company revenue over a five-week period.

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