Foodies Unite! Apply For The Food Category At The Australian Impact Awards Powered By Wavia

Foodies Unite! Apply For The Food Category At The Australian Impact Awards Powered By Wavia

    Whether you’re planning on applying for the Australian Impact Awards yourself or you’re thinking of getting a friend submitted, here’s all you need to know about the Food category in the leadup to the big event!

    The Australian Impact Awards powered by Wavia is still taking submissions, so today it’s time to highlight the Food category. The Food Sustainability Award is one of the 14 nice, shiny trophies on offer later this year at the awards night – but what’s so good about it, and why should you enter?

    In a nutshell, the Food Sustainability Award is targeted at those among us who are looking to create a more sustainable future in the agriculture and food industries. Whether it’s contributing to creating a circular economy, decreasing carbon footprints or working on scalable mass production, the people who are creating change deserve to be recognised.

    Food wastage is something that has been on the mind for a lot of us recently, and the recent pandemic hasn’t changed that. The Australian Impact Awards has a strong focus of sustainability, and reducing food waste and creating a greener future is something we want to recognise and reward with this category.

    So whether you’re working hard to bring about a better, more sustainable food industry, or you know someone deserving of some recognition in the field, it’s time to head over to the Australian Impact Awards website and ENTER NOW! Remember, entries close September 19, so get cracking!

    Key Dates:

    • Entries close Monday 12th September 2022 
    • Late entries close Monday 19th September 2022 
    • Judging period: Friday 23rd September – Friday 21st October 2022 
    • Shortlist announced Friday 28th October 2022 
    • Early bird tickets close Monday 31st October 2022 
    • Full price tickets on sale Tuesday 1st November 2022 
    • Awards night on Wednesday 9th November 2022 

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