Wanky Food Trends Skewered In Wonderfully Witty Yoghurt Ad

Wanky Food Trends Skewered In Wonderfully Witty Yoghurt Ad

Can’t keep up with the latest vegan, Paleo, gluten-free, clean juice, pescatarian, sugar-quitting food trends that seem to be constantly doing the rounds these days? Well, French yoghurt manufacturer Danone have possibly created an ad just for you.

Creative agency Virtue Scandinavia has created a pop-up restaurant in Copenhagen called  ‘Konfusion Kitchen’ that playfully spoofs ridiculous modern-day food trends. The kicker at the end – food need not be complicated and Danone yogurt is simply ferment milk.

The unsuspecting guests – who aren’t told they’re part of an advertising experiment – are treated to all manner of culinary nonsense including ostrich eggs being cooked under an infra-red light, live goldfish and even a “Kombucha rave” complete with fermented mushrooms. Check out the confusing hilarity below:

Commenting on the ad, Danone’s global brand marketing manager, Aurèlie Patterson, said: “Right now the world is overflowing with do’s and dont’s in regards to paleo, raw food, juicing intolerance, dairy and so on and so forth. The list seems never-ending and even more trends continually appear.

“We thought that we’d help make everything easier by creating a product so simple that you’d never doubt its beneficiary abilities. The film underlines the absurdity of the ever-changing food trends in a fun and inclusive way.”

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