Salmon On Slippery Dips! Sloths! Mega Cheese! It’s The Weirdest Ads Of 2016!

Salmon On Slippery Dips! Sloths! Mega Cheese! It’s The Weirdest Ads Of 2016!

Financial ads are those ones where people have awkwardly scripted conversations about the future of their monies, or feature a talking ram giving banking advice, right?


There’s a new financial ad on the block, with a decidedly retro feel, and odd, trippy tunes accompanying it. Swedish e-commerce payment brand Klarna has shaken things up with some help from DDB Stockholm.

Showing us just how smooth their financial services are, Klarna’s ads come in a set of three, starting with the the fish taking the glide of its life, down an orange slide and across the floor.

And if that wasn’t weird enough, here’s a fifty thousand-metre long piece of Swiss cheese that’s smoother than a baby’s bum.

Oh and we can’t forget about that weird hairy thing (is it a sloth?!) floating elegantly through water.

We get it. Klarna financial services are smoooth.

“We fell for the concept ‘Smoooth’ because it describes the overall feeling of how a really good experience should be when you shop online,” Klarna founder and CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski said in a statement.

Speaking to Adweek, directors the Perlorian Brothers – known for their eclectic style – said, “The creative approach was to keep them minimal, to keep them graphic, to keep them intriguing, and to keep them smooth.

“We wanted them to feel a little strange and arty. So we searched all over the world for the best locations, the best props, the slipperiest fish, the smoothest cheese, the silkiest fur-covered sea creature.”

Glassworks Post in London also worked on the spots.

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