Leo Burnett Launches Short Films To Promote FIAT’s 2017 UNO Car

Leo Burnett Launches Short Films To Promote FIAT’s 2017 UNO Car

A new campaign created for FIAT has been released by Leo Burnett, comprising of a series of short films that fall under the ‘UnoLab’ concept crafted by the agency. A total of eight short films were run online throughout December.

The signature tagline, “A whole lotta car in a single UNO”, the campaign presents the model’s new features; the 2017 UNO was the first car by the automaker to receive the highly awaited three-cylinder Firefly Flex engine.

The model is more economical, more powerful and has a higher torque. In addition, the UNO comes with exclusive features such as Hill Holder, a technology that prevents the car from rolling backwards on a hill, Dualogic® Plus Transmission and electric steering with CITY function, which when activated, requires less effort from drivers when steering during maneuvers.

With the challenge of presenting all this technology in the UNO, Leo Burnett Tailor Made developed the concept of the UNOLab. A place dedicated to innovation and discoveries, the UNOLab uses the most diverse objects and experiments to test the main features of the car in an unusual and playful way; for example, using a walnut to attest to the efficiency of the Hill Holder, and a rubber duck to show how the anti-crushing power windows work.

“The 2017 UNO brings many new features that make it stand out in its category. More than just saying this, we needed to demonstrate this reinvention in an entertaining way,” said João Caetano Brasil, creative director for Leo Burnett Tailor Made.

“That’s why we created the UNOlab and a series of experiments that generated content in the most diverse formats for the campaign.”

“The objective of the campaign is to show the UNO’s evolution through the reinvention of its standard equipment. In other words, the UNO has become an increasingly technological and comfortable car, while remaining economical and practical,” added João Ciaco, head of brand marketing and communication for FCA.

On the air starting November, the campaign also boasts a video teaser – available on Fiat’s social media accounts and channels – a 45-second video in the digital environment, seven digital short films dedicated to the car’s features and a 30′ film for pay TV, which also takes place in the UNOLab universe.

Check out all the short films here:







Cat And Mouse

Product: UNO 2017
Advertiser: FCA Fiat Chrysler Automóveis Brasil LTDA.
Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made
Co-president and Chief Creative Officer: Marcelo Reis
Creative Director: Alexandre Pagano, João Caetano Brasil
Copywriter: Tomas Correa
Art Director: Andre Kirkelis, Jota Marin
Agency Producers: Celso Groba, Maria Fernanda Moura, Dudi Ciampolini Bourroul
Account Team: Denise Millan, Cintia Mourão, Katia Simonato, Denis Gustavo, Mariah Costa, Giovanna Rodrigues, Luis Alves, Manuela Ceragioli
Media Team: Andrea Hirata, Leonardo Gomes, Heloisa Lima, Solon Anjos, Carolina Andrade, Odair Mozzer, Aquiles Borges, Thalita Feba, Mariza Akemi, Thiago Perozzi, Gustavo Ribeiro
Planners: Tiago Lara, Gustavo Zilles, Leandro Peralta
Art buyer: Mauro Moura
Client Approval: João Ciaco, Malú Antônio, Adriana Girão, Ana Brant, Sarah Albuquerque, Karin Betz. (FIAT)
Production Company: Vetor Zero
Directors: Gabriel Nóbrega, Ricardo Carelli
Executive Producers: Alberto Lopes, Sergio Salles, André Rosa
Editors: Kaue Kabrera, Bruno Carelli
Coordinator of Post Production: Tatiana Caparelli
Post Art Direction: Marcio Mattos
3D Coordinator: Danilo Enoki
Post production Company: Vetor Zero
Production Account Executives: Thaís Lopes, Rubia Elias
Illustration / 3D Studio: Vetor Zero
Sound Production studio: Antfood
Maestros: Lou Schmidt, Pedro Botsaris, Wilson Brown
Postproduction: Pablo Mello, Tiago Mago
Production Account Executives: Christiane Rachel, Lou Schmidt, Sean McGovern

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