FGMNT Offers Ad Agencies Free Access Over Christmas To Its 360-Degree Video & VR Creative Tool

FGMNT Offers Ad Agencies Free Access Over Christmas To Its 360-Degree Video & VR Creative Tool

Melbourne start-up FGMNT is offering ad agencies a completely free and fully functional 30-day trial of visualisation and efficiency tool SITU.

In the spirit of Christmas giving, the SITU team wants all agencies to experience the benefits of developing, testing and visualising campaigns in real out-of-home environments.

The power of SITU is that it allows agencies to easily drag and drop their creative concepts into a real-life scene and test it through the eyes of the consumer in VR.

FGMNT chief executive Nick Wright said: “SITU is an intuitive tool that enables you to quickly view your creative in a variety of real out-of-home scenes, shot in 360-degree video – then share it locally or remotely, presenting live on desktop, on your mobile or in immersive VR.

“Current agency tools just can’t do this. SITU helps agencies create better out-of-home campaigns, streamlining internal communication and getting clients across the creative vision much faster than before.”

SITU is designed with a simple, easy-to-use interface so that it can be used by anyone.

Functionality includes quick drag and drop of static and video creative into a wide range of out-of-home (OOH) inventory, with an ability to cycle through, compare creative executions and view from multiple angles. Projects can be shared with a team or with clients.


SITU premiered on the world stage earlier this year at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, with much of its traction to date due to its partnership with Publicis Australia and oOh!media, who have influenced the product’s development.

Brendon Cook, CEO of oOh!, said the company is excited to be partnering with FGMNT and Publicis on the development of SITU.

Publicis Melbourne, co-creators of the SITU concept, have been working closely with FGMNT, advising on the toolset for creative agencies.

The creative seed for SITU came directly from a need within the Publicis team at a time when they were working to properly visualise a client’s campaign. Since then, Publicis have been involved in its development and is a foundation client.

Abdrew Baxter, chairman of Publicis for Australia and New Zealand, said: “SITU is an amazing product. We can visualise an out-of-home landscape, or put the VR goggles on and see exactly how a campaign is going to roll out, whether it be stills or digital format, and we can change that creative up to show the client or marketer exactly how it’s going to look.”

oOh!media has been working with FGMNT to shoot over 100 of its OOH sites for the National Library of Australia, which continues to build, along with the tool’s overall functionality.

“Our relationship with oOh! has been key in shaping SITU, its features and its application in the workflow of out-of-home campaign development and execution,” Wright said.

“Our immediate and humble goal is to see SITU revolutionise the creative development and strategy process.

“There are many other use cases for SITU across the industry, such as creative testing by research agencies. We are excited to hear from users about how they are using SITU day to day.”

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