February: The month to conquer smartphone addiction

February: The month to conquer smartphone addiction

We’re already into February – and that means FebFast is underway.

Alcohol, sugar and caffeine are all FebFast targets – along with digital. February, apparently, is the month to digitally detox.

In line with this, Fone Free Feb has been launched in response to growing complaints of ‘phantom vibration syndrome’ and ‘ringxiety’, the act of going to answer your vibrating phone only to find it never vibrated at all.

According to global research by Cisco, Australians are some of the worst offenders when it comes to compulsive mobile phone checking.

Australia is also one of the most connected countries in the world, behind China and South Korea but ahead of the US and UK.

Jack Manning Bancroft, founder and CEO of Fone Free Feb, said: “Often we are so constantly connected to our phones that we’re not present in the moment. We fail to truly connect with the people and environment around us. We miss that magic one-liner at the dinner table, that subtle smile mid-conversation, or that amazing one-on-one connection with the live musician.

“The scary thing is that we might actually be losing our capacity to be bored. And out of boredom comes creativity, and that’s where some of the great dreams and ideas throughout humanity have been born.”

Fone Free Feb invites people to sign up and pledge time off their phones. Bars and cafes are setting up ‘fone free zones’ and money is being raised for CanTeen, Royal Far West and YMCA.

The first Fone Free Day will be held on February 21. Visit the Fone Free Feb website to get involved. 

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