Fearless Girl Plants Her Feet In Front Of Iconic New York Building

Fearless Girl Plants Her Feet In Front Of Iconic New York Building

The world-famous Fearless Girl statue has taken a walk through New York City and found herself plonked in front of the city’s Stock Exchange.

Fearless Girl was unveiled in March of last year and was made by artist Kristen Visbal and was funded by McCann’s client State Street Global Advisors (SSGA).

Since she arrived on Wall Street, staring down the famous “Charging bull”, Fearless Girl has garnered international recognition, winning a slew of Cannes Lions and other prestigious awards.

Now, she has found a new home opposite the New York Stock Exchange, and potentially some friends, with SSGA hinting towards creating some siblings.

Speaking on the move, SSGA chief exectuvie Cyrus Taraporevala said: “I’m pleased to say that since [Fearless Girl’s] installation, 301 companies that we had identified as not having a single woman on their corporate boards have added a female director & another 28 have committed to doing so.”

The change of location has also meant the removal of a plaque next to Fearless Girl which read ‘Know the power of women in leadership/SHE makes a difference,’ followed by the State Street logo.

While some are sad to see Fearless Girl leave her Bowling Green spot, New Yorkers are celebrating the hoards of tourists no longer crowding the surrounding area.

Fearless Girl will remain in front of the New York Stock Exchange indefinitely.

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