Fashion Giant ASOS Praised For Showing Model’s Stomach “Rolls”

Fashion Giant ASOS Praised For Showing Model’s Stomach “Rolls”

Global online fashion retailer ASOS is being praised by social media users for using unedited photos and natural body angles in its latest swimsuit ads.

ASOS shoppers thanked the retailer for including swimwear models who posed in a way that embraced their natural stomach “rolls”.

One Twitter user shared photos of the model, tweeting: “Thank you ASOS for these angles.”

The tweet soon went viral, with over 62,000 likes and nearly 70,000 retweets.

Many commented on the fashion retailer’s commitment to highlighting body diversity, with one user saying: “It is great when we as humans set realistic and healthy standards rather than just Photoshop and marketing manipulation.

Others social media users shared photos from other brands like Hollister, Aerie, ThirdLove and Target, who also feature a range of diverse models.

However, some felt though it was a step in the right direction, ASOS’s attempts to represent body diversity were lacking, due to the fact while the model posed untraditionally, it was still a white, slim and non-impaired model.

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