Fairfax’s Allure Media Announces JV With Lifestyle Vlogger Site Kin Community

Fairfax’s Allure Media Announces JV With Lifestyle Vlogger Site Kin Community

The Fairfax Media-owned Allure Media has announced it will launch an Australian version of the US DIY female lifestyle site Kin Community.

Kin Community is aimed at young women with a healthy content of food, home and fitness. Kin only runs video content primarily sourced by a team of independent video bloggers (or content creators, as Kin prefers to call them.)

According to Michael Wayne, Kin’s co-founder and CEO who’s in Australia for the launch, Kin currently has some 75 million users worldwide and further 175 million on its social media channels.

“It’s all about pure-play video, everything we do is video,” Wayne told B&T. “The audience is 18-34 year old Millennial women, women in their 20s; if you look at the categories it’s food, home, DIY, fitness.

“Do they have money to spend? Yes, they do. The brand is aspirational but accessible. We don’t try and pretend we’re a high-end brand. Everything we do the audience can do, we’re all about do it yourself.”

Wayne, too, dismisses the idea that the young, female, lifestyle category is reaching saturation point in Australia.

“The big difference is we’re global and these days everybody consumes media on their smartphones. Our audience is far more tech literate, they’re far less likely to be watching traditional TV or reading print. We reach young woman through the devices they’re using,” he said.

Wayne and Allure Media CEO, Jason Scott, are set to take Kin on an agency roadshow over the coming weeks.

Scott says it’s the massive global audience that will differentiate Kin from the abundance of other local sites. He adds it’s an innovative business model whereby it basically aggregates vlogger content.

Scott adds: “Allure’s already got Pop Sugar, Shopstyle, WhoWhatWear, Byrdie, so we think we’re well covered with Millennial women and creating content for Kin. We hope to have a team of around 14 eventually working on the business. What we need to do is find the vloggers, the content producers lurking in Australian suburbs. I think that’s the thing about Kin, it works with other businesses to help them grow their business,” he said.


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