Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ Set To Launch In A Few Weeks

Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ Set To Launch In A Few Weeks

Back in October last year, Facebook announced a range of six ‘reactions’ to move beyond the plain, old boring ‘like’ button. The company has revealed reactions will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks.

The new feature, which was originally piloted in Ireland and Spain, allows you to hover over the Like button and six other reactions (plus the like button) will appear. The feature will expand the range of Facebook-compatible human emotions, giving users a greater range of emotions, such as sadness, anger and shock.  However it won’t include a dislike button which was perceived to be too negative. 

Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox told Bloomberg: You can love something, you can be sad about something, you can laugh out loud at something. We know on phones people don’t like to use keyboards, and we also know that the like button does not always let you say what you want.”

This update may seem trivial. But it will give Facebook more information into the News Feed algorithm, meaning Facebook can give more statistics to advertisers and tailor the content to the user. 

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