Facebook Messenger Introduces AI-powered Feature To Aussies

Facebook Messenger Introduces AI-powered Feature To Aussies

Facebook Messenger has launched a new capability powered entirely by artificial intelligence (AI) in Australia called M suggestions.

First launched in the US in April, M has been designed to enrich conversations on Messenger by suggesting relevant content and capabilities, and to answer any questions users might have.

The new AI-powered will include the following suggestions:

  • Sending stickers – M shares fun sticker suggestions for users’ daily life interactions like “Thank you” or “Bye-bye”.
  • Sharing location – if someone asks “Where are you” or if users say something like “On my way!”, M can suggest that they share their location during a conversation.
  • Making a plan – if people are talking about getting together, M helps with coordinating a plan.
  • Creating a poll (in group conversations only) – M lets users set a poll topic and vote in group conversations.
  • Birthdays – if the person you are talking with in a one-on-one thread on Messenger has a birthday, M will surface a suggestion to send them a Birthday Wish (a birthday sticker, wish, card, or video with accompanying birthday art effects).
  • Saved – M will proactively suggest that people save content in their Messenger conversations, which they can read, watch or share later. In addition to URLs, M can suggest saving other content such as videos, Facebook posts, events, and pages. And with the Messenger ‘Saved’ extension, users can easily share content in one-on-one or group messages.
  • Initiating call/video – if people are chatting one-on-one or in a group and express intent to make a call, M will suggest a voice or video call in Messenger. For example, if someone says “Want to call me?”, M will surface this suggestion.

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