Facebook Changed Its Logo. Did You Notice?

BELCHATOW, POLAND - APRIL 06, 2014: Facebook application on smart phone screen.

Reports have erupted across the internet the navy blue social media behemoth Facebook has changed its logo.

However, one of the most prominent questions coming out of the numerous articles is whether anyone would have actually noticed.

Probably the most obvious difference is the ‘a’ in Facebook. Where before it was what banding and design site Brand New termed the “double-storey” ‘a’ has been changed to a single-story ‘a’.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the change to B&T, saying: “We have made a subtle update of our corporate logo.”

The old Facebook logo.

The old Facebook logo.

The new logo - as tweeted out by Facebook's product designer.

The new logo – as tweeted out by Facebook’s product designer.

The letters are also slightly thinner, with Brand New suggesting the ‘b’ now has a more “traditional stem”.

The iconic ‘f’ appears unchanged.

The new logo was tweeted out on Tuesday by one of Facebook’s product designers, Christophe Tauziet.

The Wall Street Journal suggested the tweaks were due to the rise in mobile, and the surge in users using the platform on smartphones.

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