Facebook Advertisers Can Now Target Based On Users’ Interests Off Facebook

Facebook Advertisers Can Now Target Based On Users’ Interests Off Facebook

Social media platform Facebook has launched a new way for advertisers to further target audiences, called Partner Categories.

Launching first in Australia throughout the APAC region, the new offering allows advertisers to target audiences based on people’s interests when they’re not on Facebook.

The offering creates targeting clusters created by Facebook’s third party data providers – Acxiom, Experian and Quantium – which, according to Facebook, is a “packaged targeting option to reach people on Facebook based off their off-Facebook activity”.

The Facebook post about the launch described the Partner Categories as such: “By using Partner Categories, marketers can now reach their audiences based on the brands and products people buy. For example, a pet food company might want to reach pet owners who own their own home.

“To date, advertisers have been able to show ads to people based on their expressed interests – such as age, gender, favourite activities and city they live – on Facebook.

“Now, with Partner Categories, a marketer can also show ads on Facebook to people who, for instance, have previously purchased dog or cat food, and are a homeowner or renter.”

Will Easton, managaing director of Facebook for Australia and New Zealand said: “Today we are announcing arguably one of our most exciting and innovative new product solutions in the Australian market. As a result of new partnership agreements with Australia’s three largest data providers (Quantium, Acxiom & Experian) Facebook  advertisers will now be able to connect with potential audiences in  ways not seen before in  digital advertising.”

Executives at Acxiom, Experian and Quantium all said they were excited about working with Facebook on this new offering, with Nestle’s head of media and digital, Antonia Farquhar also singing praises.

“The media landscape in Australia is evolving rapidly, the multitude of touch points and platforms is creating a real challenge for many brand marketers to reach their target consumer,” she said.

“While many know that data is a crucial factor in the next big wave of innovation – which brands are embracing that and doing it well? Our recent campaign for Nestlé Purina using Partner Categories on Facebook allowed us, for the very first time, to target actual pet owners, not just animal lovers (there’s a lot of cute cats on the internet after all!).

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