So What Exactly Do The Millennials Want To Watch On TV Then?

So What Exactly Do The Millennials Want To Watch On TV Then?

Yesterday, B&T reported on the latest findings of the Ipsos Mind And Mood report that, in short, said a lot of Aussies (namely the Millennials) were turning off free-to-air-TV, had lost faith in traditional media and instead were turning to niche media for their news.

Read yesterday’s article here.

And now a study by American brand marketing firm TruthCo. has mirrored Ispos’s findings that Millennials in the US are growing increasingly tired of traditional media channels and are looking for more niche and socially aware content.

According to TruthCo’s findings, and reported on Insider Business, there were eight primary drivers for the Ys when it came to their viewing habits. Many of the reasons would resonate with Australian broadcasters and marketers trying to tap into the elusive 18-35 year old market. They included:

• Millennials (like all of us) are making their way through a “firehouse of content”. Basically, they want to filter through an incredible amount of content that’s available to them and discover the shows they like,

• They want entertaining content that changes the world or has a strong social message to it.

• The Ys like seeing young people in shows who mirror their social values.

• They want scripted dramas looking to discuss social issues and create dialogue (Think ‘People vs. O.J. Simpson‘)

• Even with their comedies, it needs to have a strong social message. Think Amy Schumer’s work.

• The Millennials are still big fans of reality TV but again it has to have a social message or strong ethics. The Kardashians are out but Caitlyn Jenner is in.

• Documentaries are big again, particularly if they’re out to affect social change.

• News driven programs still resonate but must have social commentary. Channel Ten’s The Project or John Oliver a perfect example.

Commenting on the findings, Linda Ong, CEO of TruthCo, told Insider Business: ‘We need to stop talking about Millennials like Donald Trump speaks about Mexicans. They’re not a horrible invading species. They’re people and they’re very influential in our culture. Millennial ideas radiate to everybody. There are more non-millennials than millennials on Facebook now.

“Right now, there is an abundance, a firehose of content, and consumers have to use very different kinds of filters to determine what it is they’re actually going to invest their time in,”  Ong said.

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