15 May, 2018
15 May, 2018

Webinar On “Cycle Time Analysis (CTA)”

Description :
Companies can quickly assess their inventory and throughput status by walking around the incoming, in process and shipping inventory areas and looking for stacks of materials and inventory. Stacks of inventory need to be perceived as stacks of money – company money, employee pay, and investment money. Inventory must be reduced at all stages and achievement of smoothed processing flow established.

Cycle time analysis is a simple tool to help all company players get on board with helping make the company successful and their own jobs easier.

Areas Covered in the Session :
  1. Calculation of inventory turns
  2. Benefits of cycle time
  3. Understand how cycle times can greatly improve profitability
  4. Symptoms
  5. Forming teams
  6. Selecting a cycle time project
  7. Defining processes for improvement
  8. Process flowcharting
  9. Collecting cycle time analysis data
  10. Team Analysis & Correction
  11. Continuous cycle time Improvement concepts
Who Will Benefit:
  • Upper level operations management at both the corporate and facility levels
  • Functional managers, directors and supervisors
  • Quality and process engineering personnel
  • Selected internal personnel with leadership potential
  • U.S. and international manufacturers
  • Purchasing and operations managers
  • Operational level personnel
About Speaker:
Dr. John Ryan is a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PQCI) specializing in food safety process control and food safety plan validation. He holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods and has extensive international manufacturing quality and operations experience in large and small manufacturing operations. He is a retired Hawaii State Department of Agriculture Quality Assurance Division administrator. He currently operates two business divisions focused on preventive control validation at and food safety during transportation operations at His latest book entitled “ Validating Preventive Food Safety and Quality Controls: An Organizational Approach to System Design and Implementation” is now available from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.