Posted by Unthink
30 May, 2018
30 May, 2018

Unthinkable Drinks – the future of advertising is in your hands

This is the chance to get together with many smart, talented folks in advertising and talk about what the future holds for the industry going forward.

A couple of recent articles we wrote about the lack of innovation in advertising struck a chord with its most valuable contributor – you. Instead of just whining, we thought maybe we would do something about it. Over a wine!

So we’ve created Unthinkable Drinks – a midweek event for smart, talented Marketing and Advertising folks to meet up, share their views and draw from the wisdom of the crowd.

It’s not a presentation. It’s not a lecture. And there’s no content capture. It’s drinks and a chat. Hopefully we’ll all walk away with a little more understanding about the future of advertising and a few new people to talk to them about.

Cake Wines have been kind enough to host the event at their Cellar Door and you’ll receive a glass of wine on arrival as part of your ticket price.