3 September, 2018
3 September, 2018


The 4th Annual Travel DAZE boasts credentials of being the smartest, fastest and most adored travel industry conference in Australia. But don’t be confused, TravelDAZE isn’t a bunch of blokes in suits standing on stage delivering PowerPoint presentations on dynamic packaging of hotel inventory, inter-airline agreements, tourism investment infrastructure agreements or zzzzzzzz…

Sorry we dropped off there for a moment, but back on track now. Travel DAZE is a purposefully mischievous summit for the industry’s lateral thinkers, executive go-getters and super smart marketers.

This year’s overarching theme is: Kick arse.

You got competitors? This event will help you kick their arse.

Mystified by tech? Travel DAZE will tell you which kick arse technology you need.

Marketing campaigns been a bit slow? Hear from the best marketers in Australia how they kicked arse and sold millions.

Wrangling with your strategic direction? Engage in niche streams with opportunities for intimate Q&A sessions with speakers who have kicked arse, big time.

Future trends keeping you up at night? This is a medical problem so talk to your doctor but if that doesn’t work, attend Travel DAZE.

Long story short. You’d have rocks in your head not to be part of this festival of kick arse ideas for the travel Industry. And if it’s not the best conference you’ve ever attended, then you can kick our arse*

Speakers include:

Bruce Poon Tip, founder, G Adventures 


Jacqui Timmins, general manager, Travelzoo Australia


Sam McDonagh, country manager Australia & NZ, Airbnb 


Leigh Barnes, chief purpose officer, Intrepid Group


For the full list of speakers, visit the website.

This is an unmissable event if you’re in the travel industry and you want to KICK ARSE.