30 May, 2018
30 May, 2018

Traditional + Digital: Getting the Right Mix

Traditional + Digital: Getting the Right Mix

In recent times, traditional media has struggled to get the buy-in it once had – with marketers finding it hard to justify spending on media where it can be difficult to measure outcomes and target very niche sets of potentials customers.

However, with advances in technology and continual shifts in the complex customer journey, some marketers are turning back to incorporating traditional media in their mix in order to generate cut-through and create a point of difference in our ever cluttered online environment.

So is it time we stopped pitting the mediums against each other and look at how they can better work together to drive integrated results?

At this event, we look to uncover how traditional and digital media can work together to cater to the full customer journey and form the ultimate marketing plan.

From new tracking capabilities within traditional media sets to frequently-overlooked mediums for reaching customers, our speakers will explore the best strategies and lay out their own case studies of how to get the right mix of traditional and digital media.

Our speakers will cover:

  • Case studies for getting your omni-channel planning right
  • The new rules for traditional media measurement
  • How to choose the right channels for your business
  • Learn about the rapid convergence of broadcast and video streaming
  • The application of new data sets, measurement tools and trading technology in broadcast and video streaming


Andrew Lane, Head of Sales & Client Engagement, Salmat

James Bayes, Digital Sales Director, Seven Network

Tanya Manyan, Head of Marketing & Communications, PICA Group